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Dr. Oli | M.D.

Dr. Oli, whose name is really Oli Traustason, has chosen to go by Dr. Oli to make it easier on his patients to remember his name.

Not long after entering the private practice of eye care, Dr. Oli decided that in order to serve patients best he wanted to become skillful at taking care of cataracts. When an opportunity came up to join a clinic that was dedicated to the treatment of cataracts, Dr. Oli moved from Southern California to the Northwest. He performed thousands of cataract removals over the next several years, honing his skills.

Dr. Oli has focused on the treatment of cataracts since 1989 and has done over 40,000 procedures to cure cataracts. During those years he has had experience with all types of cataracts, including the most difficult to treat. He has used all the different types of implants available in the United States. Safety in cataract surgery has been an over-riding factor in opening up a walk-in surgery center in Central Oregon.

Providing a comfortable treatment environment to help people relax is an important consideration. Also, working with optometrists to take care of patients has allowed us to concentrate on what we can do best, leaving to the optometrist what they do best, which is why we do not give glasses prescriptions or sell glasses and contact lenses.

Dr. Oli believes as a professional that his primary obligation is to the patients and their choices. He believes in providing quality examinations and using technology to help in caring for patients. He also feels it his duty to guide patients in their choices of treatment, including artificial lenses, and not to pressure patients in their choices.


Dr. Kristine | M.D.

Dr. Kristine Traustason specializes in the treatment of vitreoretinal disease.  Dr. Kristine joined Eye Surgery Institute in 2007, after completing a retina fellowship at the University of California, San Diego.  Dr. Kristine graduated from Dartmouth College in 1995.  She graduated AOA from Loma Linda University Medical School in 2001.  She went on to do her internship and ophthalmology residency at University of California, San Diego, which she completed in 2005.   Dr. Kristine has been a board certified ophthalmologist since 2005.  Dr. Kristine is fluent in Spanish, enjoys running, mountain biking and golfing.



Dr. Ron | O.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.O.

Dr. Ronald Guiley, a native Oregonian, spent his early professional years in California.  After completing both his Masters in Public Health and Doctor of Optometry at Berkeley, California, he practiced optometry in Hollywood California for a number of years.  In the early 1990’s, Dr. Ron relocated to Central Oregon where he established and ran Riverbend Eyecare in Bend, Oregon.  In 2007 he joined Eye Surgery Institute as Chief of Glaucoma Services. Dr. Ron continues to be a very active guest lecturer, adjunct professor and author in the detection, treatment and management of glaucoma.  Dr. Ron enjoys spending his free time mountain biking and hiking in the woods with his two precious dogs.


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