Due to the COVID19 virus, we are trying to keep everyone safe and healthy. We have changed how you will get checked in on the day of your appointment.

When you arrive to our office for your appointment, we ask that you stay in your car and call our office at 541-548-7170 from your cell phone.

We will take your call and ask you some important health questions, as well as update your contact and insurance information while we are on the phone with you.

We will then hang up and a Technician will call you back on your cell phone to update your H&P. The technician then will instruct you to come to the front door, which will be locked. The technician will meet you at the door, you will then be escorted to get care. We ask that only the patient comes into our building, anyone else will need to stay in the car. The only exception will be if the patient needs medical assistance (mobility, hearing, understanding, or translation)

You will be exiting from a different door than you entered the building.

If you don’t have a cell phone:

When you arrive to our office you will find the front door locked, please knock on the door and someone will come to let you in and ask to have a seat in the waiting room.

A technician will come and update your Health and Physical information and will take you back for care.

Please let your transportation know you will only be here one hour, and you will need to be picked up as close to that time frame as possible.

Life is Beautiful.  See Well.



M-F  7AM-5PM

Phone: (541) 548-7170

Fax: (541) 548-3842

If this is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.
If you need to refill a prescription, please call your pharmacy directly.