Life is beautiful, see well


As we age, the natural lens in our eyes can calcify and become clouded. Cataract surgery is a safe and effective procedure to remove the natural, clouded lens and replace it with a clear, artificial lens so you can see your world in brighter colors and sharper focus.


Glaucoma is a common family of diseases that damage the optic nerve. Orion Eye is well-equipped to help you manage your glaucoma in a number of ways, from medications to laser treatment to surgery. Our doctors are specially trained to lower pressure in your eye and prevent vision loss.


A corneal transplant can correct eye problems such as cornea scarring due to injuries, infections, and eye diseases. Cornea surgery gives you a healthy new layer of tissue to bring back your vision and lessen pain. A transplant can also improve the look of your damaged cornea so you can see clearly and discomfort-free again.


A retinal detachment is the separation of the retina from the underlying tissue within the eye. Retina surgery treats both retinal detachment and retinal tears. With a high success rate and an experienced surgeon, retina surgery is performed in our office while you remain awake and comfortable.

Life is beautiful. At Orion Eye, we want to help you see it well.

As the only ophthalmic practice in the region with our own state of the art walk-in/walk-out surgery center, we strive to supply Central Oregon with solutions for both eye emergencies and scheduled appointments.

Why Orion Eye?

Patients come to our eye surgery center from across the state thanks to our fantastic outcomes, high patient satisfaction, and experienced staff. With personal attention and professional care, our team is dedicated to keeping our patients comfortable and informed at all times.

“The only thing better than the way I was treated is the way I can see now.”

– Jane D.

Life is Beautiful.  See Well.



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