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To view your balance or make a payment online, visit our secure online payment portal.

Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal allows you to review notes from your visit and update your contact information.

Billing and Insurance

Access our secure online payment portal and learn more about our insurance policy.

What Are My Next Steps?

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled with your surgeon, for the day after surgery. In most cases, you’ll then return to your optometrist for further follow up care.

Our mission is to make being a patient easy again.

We know how important it is to have a comfortable, no-hassle eye appointment. That’s why our staff is dedicated to you and your needs. Our mission is to make being a patient easy again.

At Orion Eye, your comfort is our priority.

Orion Eye features the first walk-in surgery center in the Central Oregon area. Before we arrived, cataract surgery was performed exclusively in a hospital environment. Unlike hospitals, our outpatient facility has been designed with your convenience in mind.

At Orion Eye, your comfort is our priority. We do things differently here than other ocular surgery centers. Our staff doesn’t make you fast before surgery, we don’t make you change into uncomfortable, chilly hospital gowns, and we don’t make you lay down on a cold, hard gurney.

Respected. Comfortable. Safe.

Patients come to Orion Eye from all over Oregon because of our reputation. Our center is known for high patient satisfaction ratings, an experienced and kind team, and understanding patient care. Our medical staff is committed to your comfort every step of the way, whether you’re at your first appointment or you’ve just completed surgery.

At Orion Eye, you’re more not just a patient; you’re a person. When you call, you’ll never have to navigate a complicated phone maze. A member of our friendly staff will pick up and walk you through anything you need, from directions to scheduling. This ensures that you have easy access to clinical staff and physicians whenever you need it.

Personal Attention. Professional Care.

Orion Eye provides every patient with personal attention and professional care, so being a patient with us is as easy as possible. With comfortable seating during surgery and a call from your doctor checking up after your procedure, we go the extra mile for our patients.