A friendly staff makes all the difference.

Our eye care physicians and staff believe that your surgery is a personal experience. For this reason, Orion Eye has brought on experienced staff for one-on-one care with our patients. Whether you’re in for eye surgery or a checkup with our Retina Specialist, our staff is specially trained and exceptionally dedicated to caring for your needs so you can relax in our office.

Personal care from experienced eye care physicians and medical staff.

Easy-access facilities in Central Oregon.

At Orion Eye, our patients are at the heart of our care. Our eye care physicians and medical staff place your comfort and wellbeing first, every time. With two warm and inviting facilities, one in Redmond and one in Bend, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality ophthalmic services in a comfortable environment. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed before, during and after your surgery.

Central Oregon’s first walk-in surgery center.

Orion Eye is proud to offer the first walk-in surgery center in Central Oregon. Before we arrived, cataract surgery was only performed in a hospital environment, resulting in less patient comfort and convenience. Our outpatient surgical facility is designed and developed with your safety and comfort in mind.

At our state-of-the-art walk-in surgery center, you can expect to find recliners rather than gurneys and reduced surgery times rather than lengthy hospital visits, so you can get home to your loved ones faster. Convenient parking is available a short distance from our covered drive-up entry. Heated walkways allow you to enter the facility safely during colder months.

State of the Art Technology

Orion Eye is at the leading edge of optical care by combining new technology with experienced eye care physicians. Experience Orion Eye’s world-class care within our comfortable and convenient walk-in surgery center. Our technology includes:

Ophthalmic Coherence Tomography (OCT)

for retinal imaging

Fundus Digital Camera (Retina Camera)

for photographing the interior surface of the eye

Visual Field Testing

for measuring an individual’s entire scope of vision

HRT (Heidelberg Retina Tomograph)

laser scanning system for imaging the anterior and posterior segments of the eye

YAG Laser (Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet)

for painless cataract surgery

IOL Master

a new precision laser system used for measuring the eye prior to cataract surgery

A and B Scan (Ultrasound)

for diagnosing retinal detachment, vitreous bleeding, tumors, inflammation, lesions in the eye socket bone, and foreign bodies in the eye

ECP (Endoscopic CycloPhotocoagulation)

for reducing intraocular pressure in the eye

At Orion Eye, we firmly believe in the comfort and safety of every patient.

Orion Eye believes in providing unmatched surgical skill with cutting-edge technology, comfort, and care. Our eye care physicians and staff strive to make every experience you have with Orion Eye a pleasant one. We make sure that every detail, from our state-of-the-art facilities to our surgery rooms are ready to help you.